TCI's Contract Machining Division


Offload Your Machining

TCI machines repeat production runs of consistently high-quality parts, delivered when you need them. TCI guarantees consistent parts from the first to the last. AS9100 certification ensures that our processes from order entry to shipment will be of the highest standard.

The Complete Turn-Key Solution

Let TCI provide your part complete, from material to paint. With partners all over the country, TCI has access to any sub-process you may need. Eliminate having multiple vendors by placing a single purchase order. We'll take care of the rest.

Lean Manufacturing

A two-year lean initiative has allowed TCI to cut lead-times and costs, passing the savings along to you.


Limit your inventory by having TCI make your parts when you need them. After an initial blanket order is received, TCI uses its ERP system to determine when the next batch of parts is ready to run. This ensures you get your parts when you need them, no sooner, no later.

Vendor Managed Inventory

If you're concerned that our Just-In-Time (JIT) system may not fit your ever-changing demand, TCI will produce and stock your finished goods, releasing them as you need them.